Borrower FAQ

Why did ADFITECH pull my credit report?

ADFITECH conducts mortgage QC audits on Residential Mortgage Loans. This quality control function is defined by FHA, VA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as well as other private investors. The function is clearly defined in their guidelines and policies. It is also defined in the guidelines that they allow a “third-party” firm to complete these audits. We have a signed authorization from the borrower giving the lender, its successors, or its agents (ADFITECH) the right to re-verify anything in the original loan file, including the credit report. This new credit report is compared to the original credit report in order to verify that the information used to process the loan was accurate and was not altered during the approval process. The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act recognized this function when it gave us the right to this information in the “permissible purpose,” section 4: “For use to protect against or prevent actual or potential fraud, unauthorized transactions, claims, or other liability."


We are an outsource mortgage quality control company hired by the bank or mortgage company. We do audits for the banks and mortgage companies.

Why should I send this request for information back?

Sending the information back will help the lender meet their quality control requirements, and in cases of incorrect documents, it will help in getting them corrected.

The document you sent is fraudulent. What are you going to do about it?

ADFITECH only collects and reports the findings. It is up to the lender to determine what action will be taken.

The authorization is over 6 months old, and we require a more permanent one.

In the comments section of the page at the very bottom, please state that you do not reply to authorizations over 6 months old.

The name that is in the reference on the first page does not match the authorization or the other attached documents.

This is because the cover page reference is the borrower and the authorization and attached documents are for the co-borrower.

The person has a 401K with the company stock. Is this ownership?

Only if they have a majority of stock or are a major stockholder (25%).

Can I attach our form to your request?

Yes, but please also answer the questions and complete the signature, date, title, and phone number section.

Why did I receive this by fax, call, and now by mail? How many times must I respond?

Please respond to all the requests. We do written and verbal verification just like when the original file was worked.

My records do not go back that far?

Please note in the comments, and send the package back.

My account has been debited, and I have no idea what this is for.

First, your bank should not have debited your account. We pay the fees. Please provide us with the particular banking institution so that on future audits we can note that a fee is required. If they will not credit your account, please let us know, and we will reimburse you.

Do I need to attach a copy of the documents if I don't have a copy of the pay stub?

This only applies if you provided a document for the borrower (ie: the first few pages of the taxes).

The person that completed the information is no longer with the company, so I cannot verify it.

Please make that note in the comments, and send the package back.

I cannot read the attached document, what should I do?

Please make that note in the comments, and send the package back.

As an appraiser, I don't know who you are, or who gave you authorization to get this information.

ADFITECH is a contract mortgage audit company performing Mortgage Quality Control/Mortgage Due Diligence audits for the noted client. As part of this audit, we verify that what the appraiser's identity was not stolen or that an appraisal report was not maliciously modified. When we do not receive any negative information from the appraiser, we assume that the report sent was the actual report completed. It seems appraisers are very quick to respond when their name is associated with something they did not do.
We understand that you do not feel comfortable responding to this, however, if you were to ever receive an appraisal report with your name that is not accurate based on your records, we would ask that you let us know.

I have read the FAQ and I still have questions, can I call or email someone?

Yes, you can email us, or you can call Chris Westbrook at 405-715-8377.

I would like to fax back the information requested. What is your fax number?

We need the original back, so please mail it if you can. Our address is: ADFITECH, Inc. 3001 Technology Dr Edmond, OK 73013 If not, our fax number is 405-715-8001.

I have no documents with a date signed. I have no W2's, paystubs, or taxes.

Please verify that all of the information on the referenced document is correct.

I am with the company you say you are doing this quality control for, and I have never heard of you.

Since we are an outsourcing vendor, we are allowed to use your company's name. Please contact your quality control department for verification that we are allowed to work on your behalf.


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