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V³ Mortgage Fulfillment

Validated & Vaulted Verification: Expert In-Depth Audits of Closed Loan Documents

From application through purchase, Mortgage Connect Risk Solutions' Mortgage Fulfillment Services gives your company Validated and Vaulted Verification (V³) in the way of Pre & Post Purchase Reviews resulting in a certified set of documents and data points that, with the appropriate rights, can be securely accessed by or delivered to Investors, Custodians, and/or other partners.

See how we can transform your Mortgage Lending Operations.

Designed Seamlessly to Work for You

Our dedicated full-time employees deliver customizable, timely, and variable cost solutions to efficiently manage the loans in your pipeline. From document ingestion to our secure LOANVAULT® document management system, Pre & Post Purchase Review, interactive stipulation and deficiency clearing, shipment of the loan package to the investor and warehouse bank, and the tracking and collection of trailing documents; our V³ Mortgage Fulfillment services are designed to operate seamlessly in the background, allowing you to concentrate on new origins, such as increasing revenue and profits.


Can be completed in as little as 24-48 hours, depending on the quality of the documents and delivery means required.

Pre-Purchase Review

Man Pointing at Laptop While Completing Fulfillment for Mortgage Loan

Stay Updated on
Industry Changes

Independent third-party validation including:

  • QM/ATR Testing

  • Program/Product Compliance

  • Predatory/High-Cost Testing

  • Income

  • Assets

  • Value/Property

  • Mortgage Fraud Tools

Post Closing

  • Timely audits are performed to Client & Investor specifications to identify defects and errors in documentation

  • Report, track, and obtain corrected documents

  • Prepare, deliver, and track HUD Case Binders, Investor/Custodian Files, and Servicing Files

  • Trailing documents, such as Recorded Mortgage, Title Policy, etc. are audited and delivered to the investor

Partnership HUB Services

  • All documents are imaged and indexed for secure client viewing

  • Retention storage of electronic/hard files, data, and reporting

  • Correspondents and other partners are able to access their files and provide conditions and trailing documents as well as check the status of their approval pipeline

  • Access and abilities are controlled by the client

  • Electronic clearinghouse services for mortgages from application to payoff


View our FAQ's to see answers to commonly asked questions & issues. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, feel free to submit a support request.

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