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Mortgage Due Diligence

Concise, Transparent and Accurate Review Processes Designed to Minimize All Aspects of Risk

Mortgage Connect Risk Solutions' experienced mortgage due diligence staff delivers concise, transparent, and accurate results our clients trust to efficiently evaluate the underwriting guidelines, regulatory compliance requirements, transaction data tape, and representations and warranties of any transaction.

By Mortgage Professionals,
for Mortgage Professionals.

The financial crisis prompted us to begin providing mortgage due diligence services to the mortgage industry. Prior to this, due diligence companies provided checklist loan level reviews that failed to evaluate the true quality of the mortgage lending and regulatory compliance of the loans in the transaction.

Reviewed by S&P (Standard & Poors), Moody’s, Fitch Ratings, DBRS and Kroll Bond Rating Agencies, as well as a primary “Third Party Reviewer” (“TPR”) firm for the Fannie Mae CAS and the Freddie Mac STACR Securitization reviews; our due diligence review program and platform are designed to meet the standards for pre-securitization.

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Industry Changes

Meet Your Easy Button

Our Due Diligence review platform provides all parties the independence, transparency and disclosure required by rating agencies and industry regulation. Our Interactive Reporting and Response platform gives our clients the “Easy Button” to complete the TPR reviews in a timely manner.  It’s easy for the seller to get the files and the data to us, it’s easy for all parties to review the results and it’s easy to supply rebuttal documentation and responses to clear certain defects.

  • Scope selection, sampling and data analysis. 

  • Due diligence review, issue tracking, reporting and resolution. 

  • Interactive Review and Response Platform and final reports and data upload delivery.


Mortgage Connect Risk Solutions focuses on the lender, originator, and servicer experience. We thoroughly understand the entire loan process from origination to payoff.

  • Pre-Securitization Reviews

  • Private Transfer Reviews

  • Mortgage Servicing Rights Review (MSR Reviews and MSR Diligence)

  • NPL /RPL Review

  • Reverse/HECM and “fix-and-flip” loans as well.


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