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Secure Mortgage Loan Document Management & Imaging

LOANVAULT® provides clients with a secure, long-term solution for mortgage file imaging, delivery, and loan document management and storage.  It can be easily accessed through our secure online portal by clients, where they can manage, stack, ship, image, and deliver investor files or documents all in one place.

By Mortgage Professionals,
For Mortgage Professionals.

See how we can transform your Mortgage Lending Operations.

At the request of several of our client’s, several years ago, Mortgage Connect Risk Solutions examined a number of commercially available imaging solutions. Most were general-purpose systems, which had many drawbacks for use by mortgage bankers for imaging complete loan files. Because of this, we decided to design our own custom, secure imaging solution, specifically to suit the needs of mortgage bankers.  Over the years, we have refined an extremely sophisticated mortgage QC software package for handling clients’ data and images.


  • Digitally archive loans and find them instantly whenever you need them

  • Indexed and stacked to your specifications with detailed prompts to ensure accuracy

  • Enhanced with a smart imaging system to help validate missing documents

  • Imaging conversion process can be completed in as little as 24-48 hours, depending on the quality of the documents and delivery means required

  • Daily updates and weekly customized reports of the status on every imaging project

Blue Secure Loan Document Technology

Stay Updated on Industry Changes

Trusted & Secure

  • Stored securely on-site, never using a cloud

  • Maintained by on-site Mortgage Connect Risk Solutions employees only, no off-site employees or outsourced contractors

  • 256-bit encryption and firewall protection, stored within a fire and storm proof concrete vault and backed up to a secure co-location

Updating with the Industry, Never Outdated

Our focus is always quality control, so we stay at the forefront of industry changes by tracking them daily and making sure every part of our process consistently reflects them.  At Mortgage Connect Risk Solutions, our clients are never buying systems that work today and are old tomorrow because we're dedicated to continuously updating to meet the needs of a changing industry.


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