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About Us

Our Story


We're With You, Rain or Shine.

Mortgage Connect Risk Solutions was formed in 1983. In our over 35 years of service, we have persevered through acquisitions and the worldwide financial crisis. Regardless of these tribulations, we thrive and remain the most respected name in the mortgage quality control industry.

Weathering Industry Storms

We are built on extreme resilience, adaptivity, and the work ethic of the heartland of America. Our proprietary system and stability as a company allow us to continue to be flexible as things change.  Over the years, we have not only refined an extremely sophisticated software package for handling clients’ data and images, but have also evolved our processes with it.

Our focus is always quality control, so we stay at the forefront of industry changes by tracking them daily and making sure every part of our process consistently reflects them.  At Mortgage Connect Risk Solutions, our clients are not buying a system that works today and is old tomorrow because we have staff dedicated to continuously updating it to meet the needs of a changing industry.

No matter how things change within the industry, we continue to remain devoted to our values and what matters most: our clients.  We're right here with you, rain or shine.

With the work ethic of the heartland of America and an exceptional team of employees, we not only exceed our clients’ expectations, but we also restore integrity to the residential lending process.

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Stay Updated on
Industry Changes

See how we can transform your Mortgage Lending Operations.

Experience Counts

Our methodology sets the standards in quality control. By performing more reviews than any other company within our industry, we emerged as the trusted leader.

At Mortgage Connect Risk Solutions, our employees recognize the importance of maintaining client relationships in order to continually meet specific needs in services and reporting. We serve over 300 diverse clients, including six of the top ten lenders, Wall Street firms, and numerous small banks and mortgage operations. Each client receives personalized attention and customized services to ensure the quality of its loans. We not only delivers superior quality control, but also protects confidential files and data with secure paths for data flow and an off-site backup of all information for client protection. Reviewing up to $50 billion worth of loans annually, our company demands a superior level of professionalism.

Since 1983, Mortgage Connect Risk Solutions has evolved with the fluctuating requirements and expectations within the mortgage industry. When our clients’ needs change, we change. We have built this crucial fluidity into our company. Our team not only provides unparalleled quality and dedicated customer service, but it also meets our clients’ specific project requirements, such as special fraud projects.

Our effective workflow and negotiated vendor pricing allows for every client to benefit from the competence of a trustworthy company regardless of its individual size. With our company, each client will meet its goals for quality, profitability, and professionalism.

Mortgage Connect Risk Solutions is reviewed by all five Rating Agencies.  We serve over 300 diverse clients, including six of the top 10 lenders, Wall Street firms, and numerous small banks and mortgage operations.

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Have Questions?

View our FAQ's to see answers to commonly asked questions & issues, or submit a support request directly to our team.

Ensuring Quality

Our team of professionals maintains extensive real-world mortgage experience and subject matter knowledge. We currently employs Forensic Underwriters with an average of 13 years of experience in the mortgage industry and our stable of Licensed Appraisers are equally experienced, with an average of 17 years of residential valuation experience.

Mortgage Connect Risk Solutions has also implemented a Quality Improvements Program (QI) that has been designed and implemented to provide our clients with a high level of confidence that the results of files reviewed by us are accurate, factual, and provide pertinent loan level details. The objective of our internal quality program is to not only identify potential knowledge gaps on the part of our staff, but to facilitate continuing education and training. These internal audits are implemented on all products offered by Mortgage Connect Risk Solutions, throughout the entire scope of the quality control review, and span across all of our clients.

Underwriter Training

We believe the basics come first. Our proprietary training program allows us to teach basic underwriting skills then advance trainees who use their knowledge in pre-selected training files. Our unique training environment provides the most realistic underwriting scenarios for our employees.

We don't train our underwriters how to just read data but to analyze the entire loan using skills taught by tenured industry professionals. Our underwriters are taught to understand the importance of manual underwriting techniques along with accurate interpretation of Automated Underwriting Systems. Heavy focus is placed on teaching the proper analysis of income, asset and collateral documentation. Emphasis is placed on FNMA, FHLMC, FHA and VA processes and guidelines. Advanced training teaches the underwriters how to make sound, independent, critical thinking decisions. Our underwriters are taught to look below the surface of the loan and see the potential issues that a computer-aided underwriting system cannot identify allowing investors to know their true risk.


Team environments allow our underwriters to focus on client-specific needs and requirements with an emphasis on accurate deficiency reporting.

Weathering Industry Storms
Experience Counts
Ensuring Quality
Underwriter Traning
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