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ADFITECH’s Holiday Gift That Keeps on Giving.

As the holiday season fills the air, the time for annual traditions begins.

Each year, ADFITECH gives the gift of a holiday ham to its employees to show its appreciation for their hard work throughout the year. Each employee is given a ham but not every ham purchased by ADFITECH goes to its employees.

Some of the hams are donated to charity and this year’s charity is the Hope Center of Edmond. The Hope Center is a local social services organization that ensures that the basic needs of the surrounding community are being met.

Each year, ADFITECH orders a few extra hams to ensure some can be donated, but a majority of the donations come from employees choosing to donate their ham to the cause.

Kathy Huff, the Assistant VP of Underwriting, handles the donation effort every year. Huff says “We like to help the people in our community. They are always so appreciative of the hams that we bring to them. If we are thanked once, we are thanked numerous times. We have also sent extra hams home with our employees and to their churches to help families in need.”

ADFITECH’s holiday donation has occurred for over 20 years and has supported numerous charities. ADFITECH’s donations also expand into other holiday seasons. In addition to ADFITECH’s December ham donation, about 41-50 turkeys were donated in November for the Thanksgiving season.

ADFITECH’s holiday gift tradition is about giving back to its employees, but also giving back to its community. We at ADFITECH hope you all have a wonderful holiday season with your friends, family and loved ones!



Founded in 1983, ADFITECH leads the industry in outsource mortgage quality control. Reviewed by all five Rating Agencies, it serves over 500 diverse clients, including six of the top 10 lenders, Wall Street firms, and numerous small banks and mortgage operations. For over 35 years, ADFITECH has met each of its clients’ unique needs by combining state of the art, innovative technology with personal attention to every loan. ADFITECH continues to set the standards in mortgage quality control, servicing oversight, mortgage fulfillment, and mortgage due diligence by providing in-depth experience, unparalleled quality, and unprecedented customer service that can’t be found elsewhere.


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