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ADFITECH Remains a Trusted TPR Due Diligence Firm as Named by S&P Global Ratings

EDMOND, OK - S&P (Standard & Poors) Global Ratings have analyzed and evaluated ADFITECH, Inc. once more as a Third Party Review (TPR) Firm.

On May 30, 2023, S&P Global Ratings published a list of reviewed companies that provide third-party due diligence, and it included ADFITECH, Inc., as a third-party due diligence firm that does due diligence for U.S. RMBS, was examined by S&P Global Ratings, and met the assessment criteria mentioned.

A suited figure with right arm extending forward with a pointed index finger reaching towards 5 star shapes and clicking the fifth star turning it a bright yellow shape.

ADFITECH has preserved a spotless reputation as the top supplier of outsourced mortgage quality control, due diligence, and mortgage fulfillment services, since its establishment in 1983. All five rating agencies continue to evaluate and review ADFITECH as a TPR provider.


For over 35 years, ADFITECH has met each of its clients’ unique needs by combining state of the art, innovative technology with personal attention to every loan. ADFITECH continues to set the standards in mortgage quality control, servicing oversight, mortgage fulfillment and mortgage due diligence by providing in-depth experience, unparalleled quality and unprecedented customer service that can’t be found elsewhere. For more information on the Due Diligence and TPR Services ADFITECH offers, visit the Mortgage Due Diligence page or Contact Us.


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